Welcome to the stories…


Hi, welcome to my site. Being a pro in the field of media production since 1982, I still love to author and create characters, stories, games and graphic novels, books and movies. Still crazy after all these years... More than that....Lecturing about the different crafts we need to employ for cross media concepts at colleges and universities , I invented the ODC, an online club for interested ladies and gentlemen, pro´s and beginners, to practise, learn and being trained in the different fields of digital and analogue artwork and writing.

AND...More than that. I shall use this website to present interesting projects to agents,editors, publishers, producers and actors within various passworded member areas.

So drop in whenever you like, no matter if  you are a pro or just a beginner, have a look and get in touch. Isn´t creating a wonderful way to go?


Michael H. Musal

… And see how they grow.